Natural Cures Food Allergy Action Plan

There is currently no cure for food allergies. Whilst it is possible to have allergy desensitizing shots (injections) for other food allergies such as dust and animal allergies, this is not possible for food allergies.

Experts predict that advances in genetic engineering are leading towards a cure for food allergies; however this may still be about 10 years away.

In the meantime a food allergy action plan is needed by those who suffer from severe reactions to certain foods.

An action plan may consist of completely eliminating the offending foods from the diet. In some cases this can prove difficult as the allergen may be used as a minor ingredient in a variety of foods.

For example, coming up with a food allergy action plan for a peanut reaction proves extremely difficult and limiting due to the fact that peanut traces are found in many unsuspecting foods.

Often a peanut allergy will require a complete lifestyle eating change in that a person sticks to a very strict diet and rarely tries new foods unless they are absolutely certain it contains no peanuts and importantly, is not manufactured, cooked or packaged on equipment or with utensils which have been exposed to peanut substances.

In some cases an allergen might accidentally be ingested. The food allergy action plan which is taken when this situation occurs involves efficient medical attention. The patient is then given epinephrine with an autoinjector. Twinject can also be used.

Food allergy action plans, although cumbersome, are vital in the life of an allergic person. If a person became lax with their eating habits it is likely they will suffer severe reactions from the offending food group.

Common food allergy culprits are milk, eggs, peanuts, seafood and wheat.

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