Natural Cures Food Allergies & Elimination Diet

Because there are no cures or treatments for food allergies, it is necessary to undergo a food allergy elimination diet if one wishes to eliminate the symptoms of a certain food allergy.

Common allergic reactions include skin flare ups, respiratory problems, gastrointestinal disorders and even neurological problems.

Food allergy or intolerance can bring upon a variety of symptoms. A food allergy elimination diet aims to completely eliminate the offending food or food ingredient from the diet of the allergy sufferer.

Food intolerance and food allergies are two different things. Food intolerance is brought upon by a person not tolerating dairy (lactose intolerance), fructose, yeast or gluten. It is estimated that around 75% of food intolerant people are lactose intolerant. Many are however not aware of their sensitivity.

Common food allergies are caused by peanuts, milk, seafood, eggs, sesame and wheat.

A food allergy elimination diet is generally a restrictive diet that is undertaken for approximately 6 weeks. It is a minimal diet consisting of foods such as rice, lamb and certain fruits and vegetables.

The idea of an elimination diet is to eliminate all suspected foods from the body. All known foods which can cause intolerance or allergies can not be consumed on the elimination diet. For this reason it is a restrictive diet and people usually can not dine out during this time.

Often vitamins and supplements may be prescribed to a person on a food allergy elimination diet. Because it is so restrictive, essential vitamins and minerals may lack during the time the diet is taking place. Supplements can make up for this lack of nutrition.

A food allergy elimination diet can be tedious and difficult to endure. However serious allergy sufferers and food intolerant people feel it is worth the short term discomfort in favor of long term gain.
Generally only people with extremely serious allergies undergo theelimination diet.

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