Natural Cures Allergy Relief – Baby Food Allergies

Baby food allergies are a common occurrence and rarely serious. However there are certain cases which will warrant emergency attention so it is ideal for new parents to be aware of possible baby food allergies, how to avoid them and what to do if they occur.

Eczema, an itchy skin condition, is often one of the first signs of a food allergy in a baby. Red and dry skin may indicate that your baby has ingested something that they are allergic to.

A more severe reaction to food is anaphylaxis. This is commonly seen in peanut allergies and must be attended to immediately or else death can occur.

To minimize the chance of your baby reacting to a food allergy, do not feed the common allergy foods to them in their first year.

These include:

Peanuts or any derivative (ie peanut butter)
Citrus fruits

These are extremely common foods which cause allergies in people therefore they are best avoided for as long as possible.

If you notice symptoms of food allergies occurring on your baby – namely skin reactions – then you must consult a doctor immediately. Usually an allergy test or elimination diet will determine the source of the baby food allergy.

Baby food allergies can be minimized if you take precautions in what you feed your baby. Stay away from the common trigger foods and your baby should be safe.

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