Natural Cures – 7 Healthy Habits

Natural Cures – 7 Healthy Habits….there has never been a better time to take stock of your life than right now.

Due to the pressures of modern day life, we have developed bad eating & poor self-care habits…..why not change all of that starting today using our “7 Healthy habits” article as a guide to a healthier & happier future!.

Habit 1 – Eat Regularly. Eat small meals every 3-4 hours. Skipping meals can lead to unstable blood sugar levels which can cause fatigue or restlessness.

Eating throughout the day causes stable moods and a healthier metabolism.

Habit 2 – Eat Lightly. Each meal should contain a complex carbohydrate and a lean protein. Keep high fat foods or salty snacks out of the pantry. Once sugar and salt are kept to a minimum, the body begins to heal and crave fresh, healthy foods.

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Habit 3 – Do Not Smoke. There is not one positive fact on smoking. Cigarettes cause the human body to deteriorate at ridiculous levels. Quitting smoking is the number one way to improve health drastically. Also be aware of second hand smoke. It can be just as harmful.

Habit 4 – Consume Alcohol in Moderation.A bottle of beer or glass of wine each day is realistic. However, drinking more than three servings daily is a bit much and puts the body at risk. Moderation is certainly important.

Habit 5 – Sleep 7-9 Hours Each Night. Deep, peaceful sleep rejuvenates the body. It relaxes the mind and replenishes the soul. Irregular sleeping patterns can lead to mood swings and poor nutrition. The trick is to receive 7-9 hours of sleep each night as opposed to a few nights out of the week.

Habit 6 – Exercise Regularly. Get active and promote health and fitness by participating in a fitness program. Combine cardio, strength training and stretching for a balanced approach. Learning how to strengthen the body will improve mood and sleep patterns.

Habit 7 – Consult With the Professionals. Tackling each of the above habits can be a nightmare. That is why habit 7 is the most important habit of all. Consulting with a nutritionist or personal trainer can be motivating as well as insightful. The best way to trim the fat and get in shape is to follow the advice of industry professionals!.

Natural Cures – 7 Healthy Habits….the promise of a better life is in everybody’s reach. Fueling the body with healthy habits will create a happier and healthier world. Eat regularly and lightly, do not smoke or drink a lot of alcohol, sleep and exercise consistently and ask your personal trainer or nutritionist the best way to stay fit!. 

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