Natural Beauty & Home Remedy Recipes

“It’s The Little Things…..”

Did you know . . . even in the enlightened period of time we live in, most women do not conduct regular breast exams on themselves?

So what is a segment on breast exam doing in a beauty book?

Well, in order to use the tips in this guide, you have to be around to do it!

Make a self-exam of your breasts part of your daily beauty routine.

It doesn’t take long and you can do it in the shower or in the bath. Just do it.

More than 90 percent of all breast lumps are discovered by women themselves. The majority of all breast lumps are benign. One in ten women will develop breast cancer at some time in her life. Thus far, breast cancer cannot be prevented.

But, with regular breast self-examination (BSE) and periodic screening, breast cancer can be detected early and treated properly! If you don’t know how to conduct the exam, ask your doctor for a chart that will teach you how. Then just do it!

* Stop stressing! Easier said than done? All that stress that you keep bottled up inside creates those worry lines and wrinkles.

* Have a sea salt massage to rid your body of toxins.

* Take a walk on the beach, in a forest or around the block.

* Eat cheese to block bacterial growth in your mouth and to prevent cavities.

* Join a fitness group.

* Be kind to yourself. Instead of telling yourself you “can’t” do something, remind yourself that you CAN!

* Get a collegen boost. Eat more fruit!

* Help others. Outer beauty will only appear when you’ve practiced beauty within.

* Don’t be afraid to say no. A polite, but firm, refusal allows you to stay in control of your own life.

* Talk about your concerns with a friend, relative or counselor. It’s the best way to release your anxieties.

* They don’t call them love apples for nothing. Eat more tomatoes for potassium, and vitamins A and C.

* Learn to pace your activities and stop before you get worn out or tired.

* Get enough exercise.

* Take time for hobbies or other activities. All work and no play will make Jane a dull girl or John very boring!

* Do one thing at a time. If you feel overwhelmed, break up your list of tasks into bite size pieces.

* Limit your red meat intake and eat more fish and fowl.

* Set priorities, not everyone can be Superman or Superwoman.

* Learn how to solve problems easily. Begin with identifying the problem and write it down so you are clear in your mind about the scope of the problem.

Then list your options showing the pluses and minuses of each. Next, choose a plan. Now list the actions you need to carry out the plan.

And last, give yourself a deadline for completion. Often, just having a plan will cut the stress related to the problem.

* Focus on the positive and if you falter think about all the good things you’ve done.

* Avoid standing for long periods of time to avoid varicose veins in your legs.

* Eat properly.

* Get enough sleep. When is enough really enough?

When you no longer feel tired. Not everyone requires the same amount of sleep.

* Laugh a lot. Remember what they say . . .it takes more muscles to frown than to laugh.

* Take a bubble bath. If you have to lock the bathroom door and play a radio loudly to block out the kids, go for it!

* Go shopping! Treat yourself to a special shopping day; better yet, do it with a pal.

* Buy clothes that fit! If you have no fashion sense, make doubly sure you shop with a friend who will be honest with her opinion.

There’s nothing worse than to be caught wearing a wrap around stripe when the derriere should not be the focal point!

* Are you buying unscented cosmetics and still experiencing a bad reaction?

Read the labels and buy “fragrance fee” instead.

* Wear red lipstick for a change.

* Take a vacation! Getting away, even if it’s a “mini vacation” can give you a whole new perspective on life. And a good excuse to pamper yourself as well!

* Surround yourself with scents. Put an aromatherapy candle in the kitchen and another in the living room.

* Listen to music! It soothes the savage beast!

* Have a full body wrap. Try it, you might just like it!

* Meditate.

* Use a few drops of your favorite essential oil in your next bath.

* Buy some new sexy undergarments.

* Is a tattoo right for you? Your choice, but discreetly placed it might be alluring.

* Be kind.

* Learn something new.

* Try a bronzer instead of your normal makeup.

* Massage vitamin “E” oil on stretch marks to help fade them away.

* Who can feel beautiful when they are suffering from menstrual cramps?

You can take the standard Midol, or try something a bit more natural.

Raspberry relaxes the uterus. Try some raspberry leaf tea. It can’t hurt and it’s sure more pleasant than the alternative.

* Do something just for yourself every day!

* Use a white eyeliner pencil directly under the eyes to make your eyes appear larger.

* Eat for beauty! Carrots will give you the same compounds as Retin A as well as reducing fine lines around the eyes.

* Remember your face is your mirror to the world.

Use a light foundation to prepare the canvass.

* Use baby oil for removing makeup.

* Bug bites aren’t beautiful! But who wants to smell like chemicals on a great summer outing? Nobody does!

Try preparing your own bug repellant using any of the citrus based essential oils. For some reason, the bugs don’t like it.

You solve your problem and don’t have to smell like a refinery.

* Next time you are at the beach, give yourself a body rub with sand.

It will help exfoliate dead skin cells. Be sure to reapply your sunscreen afterward!

* Mix your own perfumes and scents using essential oils.

Using mineral oil as a carrier, mix a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

* Have someone give you a scalp massage. A great rejuvenator.

* Be daring, get a bikini wax!

* Use Shea Butter for the ultimate softening of the skin.

* Stop smoking. Do we need to say more?

* Deal with PMS! There’s nothing beautiful about a “cranky lady.” There’ just no getting around it; PMS is here to stay.

We still don’t know for an absolute certainty what causes it, but unless you’ve had surgery, you still have to deal with it every day.

For some women it’s very mild. For others it’s the equivalent of a Mt. St. Helens’ eruption!

Here are some tips to help you cope. Believe it or not, PMS is improved with alow fat diet.

You might also try an herbal approach. Taking 500 milligrams a day of fish oil, evening primrose oil, or flaxseed oil might help.

PMS and sore breasts improve with this regimen because they are high in gamma-linolenic acid. You can find the oils in most health stores.

Magnesium and beta-carotene are also known to improve the symptoms of PMS.

* Here we go with another one of those “impossible to feel beautiful” topics. Yeast infections. Yuck! You know, this nasty little fungus lives in the vagina 365 days a year generally giving us no trouble at all.

The medical community is somewhat at odds about what triggers a “wake up call” for this little devil, but the majority do agree that it could be caused when you have to take an antibiotic medication for some other malady.

They are also pretty much in agreement that it can be triggered by something as simple as hormonal changes prompted by your menstrual cycle.

No matter the cause, when this nasty critter wakes up it’s enough to drive a woman crazy!

You can call your doctor and get a prescription for that ugly cream and get rid of it fairly quickly. But, if you’d like to try a more natural approach, here are a few tips.

Fermented foods and sugar cause an increase in the growth of yeast in your intestinal tract which, no surprises here, will result in yeast infections.

Eliminate refined sugar, baked goods, alcohol, caffeine and vinegar. Bummer, maybe that cream is the best answer after all!

You can also try eating yogurt, if it contains acidophilus. Acidophilus are friendly bacteria which fight off the nasty yeast guys.

Another tip is to be absolutely careful about cleanliness after urinating or having a bowel movement. Gosh, it’s tough being beautiful isn’t it?

* If beauty can sometimes be a bummer, sometimes love can really, really hurt. There’s nothing beautiful about genital herpes.

There’s no mystery about how it is spread. Have sexual intercourse with someone who is infected and you’ll end up with the disease and a lifetime of heartache.

* Have you ever been stung by a bee and gotten a huge red bump because of it? Hopefully, you aren’t allergic to bee stings. If you are, you know what to do: follow your doctor’s instructions.

The rest of us can deal with the red bump by dabbing a little bit of meat tenderizer on it to reduce the swelling and minimize the pain. Or, you can try dabbing it with the Calendula flower or garlic.

Yep, you can eat it or create a poultice that will break it down quickly. Onions work as well.

* Insomnia is not part of a beneficial beauty routine. If you have trouble sleeping, try lemon balm tea.

There are other herbal teas that also work well, but none have the same reputation as lemon balm for a bedtime herb.

* How beautiful do you feel when you’re pregnant? All that stuff about how beautiful a pregnant woman is was obviously written by men!

Take all the beauty treatments and tips in this guide, multiply them by three and maybe, just maybe we might feel a little bit better about how we look and feel.

All kidding aside, probably one of the worse side effects of pregnancy is “morning sickness,” no matter what time of day it hits you personally. You have to be careful about what you ingest.

Try Peppermint or any of the other “mints.” Brew a mild tea and sip it slowly. Believe it or not, one of the old home remedies for nausea is raw or cooked cabbage.

Sauerkraut is reported to be of particular benefit, soothing the intestines.

* If you have avoided our recommendations and have gotten sunburn, you certainly aren’t feeling very beautiful! Try breaking a stem off an aloe plant and rubbing on the affected areas.

Another tip is to apply cooled black tea to the burn areas. And, while we don’t recommend this often because it is a very strong astringent, witch hazel will work wonders on sunburn.


* Maintain a “balance” in everything you do, from eating to exercise to daily activities. Balance is an important key to beauty.

“Remember to keep a smile on your face….ALWAYS!”