Natural Beauty Foot Care & Pedicure Guide

Did you know….an average human being loses almost a cup of liquid a day through their feet?. Or that a baby’s foot is made up almost entirely of cartilage? They will harden as the feet grow.

59. Keep a pumice stone handy so you can put it to work on those heels as you step out of the shower.

60. Use a few drops of essential oil in your next footbath!

61. Pamper your feet. Treat yourself to a pedicure!

62. Try a foot massage. It’s relaxing and rejuvenating.

Try it on yourself or ask your partner and trade off. Everyone wins!

63. If your ankles and feet are swelling, it’s a sure sign you are holding fluids. Try to avoid sitting for long periods at a time and cut down on your salt intake.

64. Stilettos are beautiful and yes, they do make you look sexy, HOWEVER, you should avoid long walks while wearing them.

65. In fact, you should always wear sensible shoes. Ha! Fat chance, right?

Seriously, what about a compromise?

Wear sensible shoes when you are coming and/or going from work and keep the heels in a tote bag.

66. For extremely dry feet, lather on a layer of cocoa butter to each foot, slip your feet into plastic bags and pull on a pair of oversize socks.

Leave on overnight while sleeping and when you awaken the next morning your feet will feel smooth, silky and soft.

67. Add milk to a footbath for softening the feet.

Try using some of these Bath Salts Recipes to soak your feet & give yourself a pedicure with.

Some of these Natural skin treatments may also be of help to you in creating nice soft skin on your feet.