Michelle Obama Knows High Fiber Foods Make a Good Health Plan

Want more control over your health?

Like Michelle Obama, pay attention to what you eat.

In 2010 Michelle Obama launched a campaign named “Let’s Move!” it’s aim was to help fight childhood & teenage obesity within young people. The campaign helps raise awareness about the grim future our country now faces if we don’t start changing the trend of poor quality low fiber foods plus the sedentary lifestyles we all adopt too easily & start focusing on good health and regular exercise activities. Here are a simple set of steps to help “kickstart” your own personal healthcare plan!.

Six Simple Steps to Start Your Own Health Care Plan

  1. Eat Whole Foods when You Can
  2. Vary Your Ingredients
  3. Check Nutrition Labels on Processed Foods
  4. Start Your Day with High Fiber Foods
  5. Keep Your Snacks Healthy
    • A few nuts or seeds make a nutritious between-meal snack.
    • When you need sweet, fruit can be a better choice than cookies, candy, or processed treats (check the label).
  6. Drink Water Throughout the Day
    • Hydration is necessary for proper organ function.
    • A glass of water before each meal helps prevent overeating.