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Ask menopause questions and get straightforward answers – what every women’s healthy lifestyle site needs!.

To be absolutely honest I really didn’t relish adding ‘menopause’ to the topics included on this site. It’s such a big thing for many women and is a massive topic on it’s own. Menopause just kind of passed me by, I bought a couple of books and a fan, and that was it!.

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Honesty and integrity is very important – I like to write from the heart. But in the end commonsense prevailed, and here we have ‘Menopause Questions and Answers, where you ask the questions and reply if you wish, and I research the answers too – deal? I hope so!

So of you have any question about the signs and symptoms of menopause, or would like some reassurance about the facts an

Please ask your own questions and get answers from women who know what you are facing and how it feels. This is not a substitute for medical advice though – enjoy being part of the community here!

Menopause – Got a Question? Get an Answer!

Menopause brings with it many questions, ask them here and get your answers too.

Questions and Answers From Other Women

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Accepting Menopause and Its Symptoms  
While it is true there are probably more symptoms and bad points of going through menopause than we care to talk about, every woman does not have to accept …

What to Expect When Entering Menopause 
Menopause is defined as a stage of permanent end of function within the ovaries that occurs during a woman’s midlife. Consequently signals to the woman …

Are low grade fevers that persist off and on for weeks a true symptom of Menopause? I think my doctor may have misunderstood me…I have heard of sweats, …

Avoiding Weight Gain During Menopause 
Many pre-menopausal women wonder whether menopausal fat is inevitable once you enter this phase in your life. Could this be a result of the hormonal changes …

Why Menopause Doesn’t Have to be Difficult! 
Every woman has to go through the dreaded changes in her body once the signs of menopause start to kick in. Fact is, there will be a significant decrease …

Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes – What Works? 
There are several natural remedies for hot flashes or flushes as they are called in some countries. It’s really a matter of experimenting a little, being …

How Long Does Menopause Last? 
Can anyone tell me how long the menopause will last? It’s a while since I last had a period (about 8 months), though they have been erratic for quite …

Menopause and Insomnia – Sleepless Nights 
The hot flashes, were long awaited, since I am constantly cold! It was great to be suddenly warm again. The night sweats weren’t even that bad for me, …

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