Menopause Problems: You're Not Alone

Menopause Transitions

Now, as you get closer to menopause, you may be wondering what is in store for you, your sex life and how the process will play out in the coming years. It’s a fact of life that all females will transition through menopause and some may suffer through problems at some point in their lives and others will go through unscathed. Each woman will go through menopause in a different way. However, because of our increasing focus on menopause, females these days now have many options to make the transition easier.

The good news is that there are now a wide range of therapies from which to choose, one of the most popular is Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT). So many of the issues are a result of hormonal changes and this addresses those imbalances. 

Common Problems

A few other menopause problems are hot flashes, excessive perspiration and facial soreness. Hot flashes, nighttime perspiration and cold sweats are due to hypothalamic reaction to decreasing ovarian production of estrogen. Some females find that taking a cool shower in the morning for twenty minutes stops hot flashes all day long and often throwing covers off of hot bodies at night is helpful.

Interestingly, hormone therapy to treat menopause is not always the top choice by doctors. HRT doses are not always successful and may need medication changes to be tweaked along the way. There are many health advantages to using herbal remedies for menopause problems, but relief can also be found through maintaining a healthy diet and a good physical fitness regimen.

Undergoing menopause can be very frustrating for women. All females will transition through menopause at some point or another, and each will have their own unique experience. Menopause symbolizes a transition in a woman’s life where she now no longer will reproduce.

Women experiencing menopause are impacted in different ways. You may not have any adverse reactions at all, or you may feel as if your body is out of control, but you should be aware of the side effects to eliminate any surprises. There’s no reason to let menopause take over, just embrace it and move gracefully into this next stage of your life. Establish a support network and connect with other women going through similar situations – you’ll be surprised to find out how many women experience the same exact frustrations and menopause problems, no matter how trivial or outlandish they seem!