Menopause and Insomnia – Sleepless Nights

by Carol

The hot flashes, were long awaited, since I am constantly cold! It was great to be suddenly warm again.

The night sweats weren’t even that bad for me, but the sleepless nights were unbearable!

You go to bed, fall right to sleep, then suddenly awake (wide awake) you can’t seem to lay still, I would toss and turn, trying to fall back to sleep, constantly glancing at the clock as the hours passed.

Your body feels totally exhausted, you know you need sleep, but it doesn’t happen.

Wondering if anyone has a tip for Insomnia that might help some other (sleep-deprived) lady!

Menopause and Insomnia – Sleepless Nights

Things That Work For Me
by: Feliss

Insomnia is a real pain, isn’t it? I suffered so badly, I decided I had to have a plan.

So, after loads of research and trial and error, I came up with the following:

– aim for 6-7 hours sleep a night (not 8-9 as before). Go to bed a bit later and get up a bit earlier (11pm-5am or 6am works for me).

– go to bed at the same time every night and stick to a going-to-bed routine. I have a warm bath, go to bed at 10.30pm and read until 11pm.

– take a Magnesium supplement an hour before going to bed.

– get at least an hour’s strenuous exercise every day. This was hard for me to fit in but it’s so important, I make it a priority.

– eat a healthy diet, low in sugar.

– restrict the alcohol you drink. I now have only one glass of wine two or three evenings a week, maximum.

– restrict the coffee you drink. I now have one coffee a day, usually between 7am and 10am but in any case never after 12 noon.

It too me a year or so to work this out. I lapsed a few times which reinforced how important it is for me to stick to this plan.

Hope it helps someone else.