How do you know if you are living a healthy lifestyle?

Living a healthy lifestyle is so much more than eating the right foods

Living a healthy lifestyle is so much more than eating the right foods and working out. Living in an all round healthy environment where body and soul can flourish is equally important.

I guess you’re reading this because you want to improve certain aspects of your lifestyle, right? OK then lets take a closer look at the main keys to a healthy lifestyle and how to include them in our normal daily routine.

Making small changes and also following some healthy lifestyle tips will help you get the most out of every day.

In the meantime lets take a look at the basics of a healthy lifestyle:-

  • Eat well – eat satisfying, nutrient antioxidant-rich food, and enjoy it. Source as much food as possible locally – keep your food miles to a minimum and know how it is produced. By shopping locally you will be getting fresh food, full of all nutrients, less likely grown and treated with chemicals, and also contributing to your local community and economy.
  • Maintain a healthy weight, yes you can achieve weight loss without dieting. Eat well and enjoy your food without consuming vast quantities! Assuming that you are eating the right kind of foods in the correct proportions then your weight shouldn’t vary too much. We all let things slip from time to time and then get back on track again.
  • Take some form of exercise outdoors every day, get some fresh air into your lungs and some sunlight on your body. No, I don’t mean strip off and run around the block! Get walking – to work, or the shops, with friends! If you want to start to lose weight, walking will help you shed those pounds.
    living a healthy lifestyle -couple cycling 

    A peek at how I’m living a healthy lifestyle…..

    I walk for an hour morning and afternoon/evening, possibly another walk at mid-day. Its usually a combination of brisk walking and maybe a little jogging, and ambling slowly with time to take in what nature is showing me. If I have my camera with me maybe I’ll take a few photos. I put a piece of fruit in my pocket in case I get hungry and have a little bag of nuts and seeds handy.

    My daily walks are so much more than just putting one foot in front of the other. I eat well, exercise, relax, maintain my weight, and take care of my emotional health, seemingly effortlessly during the simple act of walking my dogs! Thank you dogs, you are my motivation too.

    My personal daily health tips keep me on track – Check out which one’s fit in your daily routine.


  • Relaxation is good for everyone – Plan some ‘me time’ into your daily routine. Time out from rushing around. Being pulled in different directions by family, work and life in general can leave us feeling completely frazzled. Relaxation doesn’t necessarily come naturally, we may need to learn new skills to help us avoid the consequences of our stressful lives.
  • Emotional health is as important as physical health but we often neglect it. Being in a good state of mind makes it easier to enjoy life. Nobody thinks positive thoughts all the time, or is always happy, sensible or rational. When you aren’t dealing so well with problems, at the very least give yourself some breathing space, take yourself out of stressful situations if possible.
  • Sleep well – we need sleep to restore our mental and physical energy but in midlife we can often go through changes in our sleeping patterns. Lack of sleep can affect our concentration, efficiency and motivation.
  • Finally, take a balanced approach to life generally. The foregoing tips are important for living a healthy lifestyle but please don’t become obsessive about any of it, take things a step at a time, success will come.

Do you have any favorite Healthy Lifestyle Tips?. Please share them with us here!

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