Lifestyle Modifications for Fighting and Preventing Acne

Preventing acne, or at least dealing with it, involves much more than keeping clean. While keeping clean is probably the most important measure you can take to fight acne, there are other lifestyle modifications you can make thus giving you a well-rounded solution to the problem. Here are a few of those modifications for you to consider when fighting against acne outbreaks.

Deal with Stress Better

The rate at which sebaceous glands secrete sebum is directly related to the levels of testosterone in your body. If you have higher levels oftestosterone then these glands will secrete more sebum thus causing pore blockages. When your body is stressed, more testosterone is produced. So the key here is to deal with your stress. A regular exercise routine is a great way to keep stress levels in check. Additionally, getting enough sleep each night helps to keep your stress levels down.

Keep Clean

Of course you want to keep your skin as clean as possible so as to prevent dead skin cells from accumulating and clogging pores. This is why you should always shower after doing activities where you sweat a lot such as exercising. However, keeping clean takes much more than justwashing your skin. You should make sure that your bedding is changed regularly for clean linens because sheets tend to accumulate dead skin cells. Don’t go to bed without removing your makeup so that your pores will stay clear and avoid touching facial areas because this can cause your acne to spread.

Sunlight is not Always Bad

Getting a little sun helps to kill bacteria on your skin plus supplies you with vitamin D, another healthy skin agent. However you should not overdo it because excessive sunlight will dry your skin which could also cause tightening of it thus clogging your pores.

Keep Hydrated

Probably the most important and simplest lifestyle change you can make is keeping yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Many experts recommend to drink anywhere from 8 to 12 glasses a day. Water helps to keep your pores clear whereas when they clog you risk an acne outbreak.

Practice Lifestyle Changes to Keep Your Skin Moist

Besides drinking plenty of water, you should do other things to make sure your skin does not get dry thus making it tighten and clog pores. This includes using all natural skin moisturizers (some recommend Jojoba oil), not drinking too much alcohol, and using soaps that are gentle on the skin.

Avoid or Minimize Stimulants

Stimulants such as coffee, tea, white sugar, and tobacco not only get your body going. They also make the sebaceous glands more active which could result in increased oil secretions, clogged pores, and acne outbreaks.

Have a Healthy Diet

What you eat affects the health of your skin. Your skin needs certain vitamins and minerals in order to keep skin healthy and fight against damaging free radicals. Some of the best vitamins include A, B2, B3, and E which are freely available through a diet of healthy fiber foods. An effective mineral in the fight against acne is zinc.

Read dietary labels to determine which foods contain these vitamins and minerals but basically you can be certain that fish, green leafy vegetables, milk, nuts, and lean meats are all part of the beneficial group of foods.

In summary, anything that negatively affects the health of your skin and its ability to breathe can cause an acne outbreak. Dealing with acne requires a proactive solution that addresses all the systems of the body and not just washing the pimple when it appears.