Laughter IS Good For Your Health

by Anna Butros
(Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)

As you have I am sure already heard many times, laughter is very healthy for you. The old concept of the world when it is perfectly true. Numerous studies conducted over time, demonstrated the positive effects of laughter on the body.

Besides the already known benefits both psychological and physiological appeared a new science, “healing through laughter”.

Reduce pain

A group of researchers found that after ten minutes of intense laughter, the sensation of pain is significantly diminished. Wondering why? The answer is very simple. Because when you laugh, are transmitted in blood hormones called endorphins, which cause a slowing of the inflammation that causes pain.

Enhances cognitive functions

Although not yet certain, it seems that laughter improves our performance and intellectual ability to retain information. Anyway, you have something to lose if you try?

Prevents cardiovascular disease

Laughter activates the blood circulation, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems, especially heart attacks. The explanation would be that laughter occur during contractions in the diaphragm which also acts on the heart and lungs.

Increase lung capacity

Laughter through movements that train the abdominal organs, increases the elasticity of our lungs, resulting in better oxygenation of the body. When you laugh, the air is expelled from the lungs to the speed of 100 km per hour. And this movement of air causes oxygen to the cells.

Remove stress and fatigue

Like I said, laughing causes endorphin production, which reduces stress analgesia. It also reduces cortisol, the hormone that is designed to manage stress. During laughter, the brain produces dopamine which makes us feel a sense of pleasure and relaxation, reducing stress andanxiety. Therefore laughter helps us sleep better.

Improve interpersonal relationships

Some studies have shown that we laugh on average less than six minutes a day. You can do a test one day be overcast, and somewhere laughing at jokes with colleagues lust. You will immediately notice a difference in the attitude of others.