Kidney Stone Herbal Advice – Herbs That Help Pass Kidney Stones

If you are looking for kidney stone herbal advice; you have come to the right place. Herbs can help pass kidney stones naturally by helping your body flush them. In this article, you will learn 5 herbs that have been gaining popularity because of recent shift to herbal remedies and natural health.

Though plenty of water and getting exercise daily will also help, herbal therapy could be the missing piece to your cure. And because kidney stones is quite possibly the simplest disease to cure naturally, what are you waiting for?

Why Herbs Help Stones Pass

You probably know that the stones in your kidneys are caused by dehydration. Dehydration is your body not getting enough water to flush all the ‘junk’ in your body. Specifically, calcium deposits are left in your kidneys which form into calcium stones which can cause a lot of pain.

Fortunately, these stones are very easily passed. In fact, about 9 out of 10 stones are passed with just ‘drinking plenty of water’. But what about the other stones?

Truth be told, stones that are bigger than 6 mm will need a little more help than drinking a lot of water. That is why many researchers are telling sufferers to try herbal remedies. Here is some of the most common kidney stone herbal advice.

Herbs that help Pass Kidney Stones

Juniper is always a great herb to try first because it can heal and restore the kidneys. Some people say that just chewing on the juniper berries will stop the pain associated with this disease in minutes. You can find juniper in any good natural health food store.

Supplementing parsley can also be extremely beneficial because it is rich in chlorophyll. One study has shown that chlorophyll-rich vegetables are one of the best things you can supplement if you suffer from this disease. This could be because of the abundance of fiber content in this plant. You can find fresh parsley at your local grocery store.

Hydrangea is a flowering bush and is also a popular natural remedy. This is a common herb that is known to prevent and flush gravel deposits. It helps relieve the pain when the calcium deposits pass through the ureters from the kidneys to the bladder.

If you suffer from uric acid stones you may want to try gravel root. Gravel root is a tall, wild flower commonly called ‘Queen of the Meadow’. It is mostly used for renal or urinary calculi (stones) caused by too much uric acid.

Lastly, ginger may also be a herb you wish to try because it is so effective as a cleansing agent to the bowels and kidneys. You can even get this herb in ginger form.