IVF Treatment India One Solution for All Your Infertility Problems

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IVF Treatment India is the most trusted treatment for couples who have failed in conceiving babies through natural process of pregnancy. In Vitro Fertilization has been defined as a method in which the process of fertilization takes place outside the female’s body. Doctors define infertility as the incapability of a women or men to conceive a baby.


A number of women are incapable of conceiving owing to a number of hormonal problems. The possible reasons for infertility can be: higher maternal age, dented or blocked fallopian tubes, male infertility (decreased sperm count) can also be a cause   IVF is the ideal way out to treat infertility. IVF has been successful in treating any kind of infertility problems.


IVF Treatment India Follows the following steps while treating the patients with IVF-

1. Firstly there is Ovarian Stimulation, doctors provide the mother with a course of medicines for stimulating the ovaries. This will later produce atleast 13-15 mature eggs.

2. Analyzing the effects of the medicine: a series of blood tests and ultra sounds are carried out.

3. Egg Maturation: an injection is used 2-3 days before the eggs are to be collected which enhances the maturity of the eggs.

 4. Egg collection: anesthesia is given to the mother then the eggs are retrieved with the help of ultrasound guided techniques.

5. Production of sperms from, the male: on the very same when the eggs of the mother are collected the other partner also gives a sample of his sperm.

6. Fertilization; the sperm and the eggs are placed together in the laboratory.Embryo development begins as soon as the eggs fertilize.    

7. Transferring of the embryo: 5 days after the egg is collected the embryo is placed inside the mother’s uterus.

8. This is the final stage of the treatment when a pregnancy test is conducted, blood test are done after atleast 2 weeks of the embryo transfer.


In countries outside India medical treatment is very expensive. It is said that in foreign countries living expenses are not as high as the medicinal ones. On the other hand, IVF Treatment India cost comes at attractive prices.The charges been competent in India large no. of medical tourists travel to India to avail the benefits of this cost and high quality treatment offered by surrogacy India.


IVF Treatment India Mumbai has been beneficial for all those couples who had been facing infertility problems. These couples have returned with healthiest babies from the clinics of IVF Surrogacy.

IVF Treatment India has proved to the safest cure to infertility. IVF Treatment India Cost will be comprehensive of all the medical expenses and also the no. of days the patient will stay at the hospital.