I'm starting to get a little scared about a procedure?

My Dr is will be turning my baby if he doesnt go heads down by next week. He told me that it is an easy procedure but It still makes me uneasy. I just dont want anything to happen to my little boy. I was just wondering if anyone else had this done and will it cause me to go into labor. I am only at 34 weeks and I want to keep him in as long as I can. Also is there anything that I can do to make the little guy turn heads down before my Dr's visit!

It will be at my 35 week check up. When he did my ultasound today he did the fetal measurements ant told me that he is about 6 and a half pounds right now. I don't have dibeties(I know it is not correct) I have only gained 23lbs so far with this one. I was told that I may have the kid “early” because of his size and my size. He is also leaving at the end of the month and will not be seeing me for anymore of my check ups. I think he is trying to get me in a place where the other Dr really only has to “watch” me!

Hmmm.. I think it is a little early to be trying that. He should be waiting until 36-37 weeks to reduce the chances of a) doing it unnecessarily and b) having baby flip right back the way he was the first time. Check out http://www.spinningbabies.com/

There is a wealth of information there as well as the risks associated with external versions (which is what your doctor will be trying on you). There IS a risk of prematurely breaking the water and sending you into labor or of premature labor. Go check out the site and the information on there.

There is also information on alternative remedies such as the Webster Technique (a chiropractic adjustment with high success rates), Moxibustion (acupuncture technique with high success rates), and home remedies. It is a REALLY informative site with lots of information that is great for any expectant parent.

Good luck and remember that some babies won't turn until you are IN labor! :o)