How To Organize Your Weight Loss Binder for Success

Did you ever notice that the commercial weight loss plans all include a binder organized with easy to find information? There is a reason for this. The weight loss binder is the method of organization that helps you find the information you need quickly to keep you on the right track.

You can create a similar binder for your weight loss plan. Consider including these categories of information to help keep you organized and on track.

Nutrition Data for Restaurants You Frequent

Gather the nutrition data for your favorite restaurants. Check the company’s website to see if the information is available there, or call the corporate headquarters and ask for it.

Small local restaurants may be able to give you limited information on the fat, sugar and salt content found in their dishes. Print out any information you can find and organize it by restaurant in your binder. This will help you make good decisions when eating out.

Diet Friendly Favorite Foods

Make a list of favorite foods along with serving size and nutrition data. Include snacks that you enjoy and new foods you would like to try. Use this resource to keep you out of a diet rut, eating the same foods too often. Pull it out when doing your menu planning.

Your Successful Menus

Plan your menus in advance and keep a copy in your binder along with a notation of how much weight you lose that week.

This is handy for future menu planning and can help you identify problems when you don’t meet your goals. You can reuse these menus during busy weeks. Keeping up with weight loss on the menus will help you identify the most successful menu plans.

Your Personal Weight Loss Information

List your goals and your current information. Keep track of your starting weight and measurements and your weekly progress. Set up a chart showing your starting point and your goals.

Plot your weight loss every week so that you have a visual reminder of how far you have come and where you are going. Include a section for your medical information and any test results. All of this information will help you see your progress towards a more healthy lifetime and slimmer body.

Exercise Information

Plan your exercise routine and keep up with it in this section. Keep track of when you exercise, intensity and for how long.

Start where you are and try to improve with every workout. Set exercise goals and keep track of your progress in this section of your weight lossbinder.

Motivational Information

Keep a list of quotes and other information that motivates you to do your best. Use this information along with all the other information you have gathered to keep yourself motivated to do your best.

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