How To Lose Weight With Hypnosis

HClinical Hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes

HClinical Hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes

Hypnosis is a very powerful therapeutic aid. It can help with many things such as quitting smoking, increasing confidence, removing phobias, andweight loss.

Hypnosis helps with these problems by reprogramming the subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind that is responsible for our automatic fears, thoughts and urges.

This is achieved by guiding your mind to a hypnotic trance. A hypnotic trance is really just a daydream-like state. Your conscious mind is tuned down to allow more access to your subconscious mind.

Once reprogrammed, your fears, thoughts and urges can be altered. Inweight loss, this might be to help you get more into the habit of eating less, or exercising more. It may also involve choosing more fruit and vegetables in the diet.

What hypnotherapy cannot do is magically make the weight disappear. That is just not possible, and hypnotherapy is not magic.

What hypnotherapy actually does is gives you the tools to make the changes you want. With your subconscious mind reprogrammed. you will find it easier to stay on track and lose weight. However you do have the power to ignore these hypnotic suggestions and go back to your old ways. So ultimately it is down to you.

However this aspect of hypnotherapy is actually very liberating. It means that, despite what is sometimes claimed, hypnotherapy cannot control you. It can help change your mind, but ultimately it is you that is in control.

If you would like to try hypnotherapy for weight loss, then I HIGHLY recommend Gastric Band Hypnosis. This is a very popular and effective hypnotherapy technique that convinces your subconscious mind that you have really undergone gastric band surgery. It results in you feeling full much sooner and longer than before, causing you to eat less, and lose weight.