How to Grow Hair Faster: Five Different Methods

The question of how to grow hair faster is something that has baffled men and women for decades. The truth is that, whilst some of us seem to be blessed with a beautiful head of hair, others can barely see half an inch of growth in a few months.

If you’re desperately trying to improve your growth rate, here are five tips for you to try.

1) Take Care of Your Hair

If you want to know how to grow hair faster, then the first thing you’re going to need to learn is how to take care of the hair you’ve already got. After all, even if your hair grows really fast, it won’t be long and lovely if you break it and develop split ends.

So start by brushing your hair carefully (especially when it’s wet), detangling your hair by starting at the ends and working upwards, and brushing your hair before you shower to reduce tangling when you’re washing.

It also helps to avoid tight hairstyles and cornrows, which put stress on your hair and can cause it to break.

2) Be Smart About Haircuts

When you’re growing your hair you might want to avoid haircuts altogether – but the secret of how to grow hair faster is that you should get it cut every month or two.

Why? Because this will get rid of split ends as they form, preventing them from travelling further up your hair and causing too much of it to break off.

However, if you do visit the hairdresser regularly, try to avoid chemical treatments like straightening, dyes and so on – this can only harm your hair.

3) Be Healthy

Many people forget the simple advice that healthy hair starts with a healthy body. After all, your body has so much to do already that, if you don’t give it the nutrients and care it needs, it will stop putting energy into growing your hair.

Start eating a healthy diet, make sure it’s nutritionally balanced, and don’t lose weight too quickly. You should also make sure that you set aside time to relax and avoid stress.

Above all, if you could have any underlying medical condition make sure to seek expert advice – this could cause problems for your hair, and more.

4) Try Different Techniques

There are many different techniques recommended by people who claim to know how to grow hair faster. The truth is that there is no hard proof behind any of them, but many people swear by them.

This includes massaging your scalp daily, with olive oil, to stimulate the blood flow and stimulate faster hair growth.

5) Take A Vitamin

Hair loss can occur due to vitamin deficiencies. It’s also believed that certain deficiencies can slow the rate at which your hair grows.

Many people take prenatal vitamins to make their hair grow faster – however, it’s much safer to take a vitamin that’s specially developed for hair if you aren’t pregnant.

That way, you won’t be getting extra vitamins that your body doesn’t need, but you’ll be getting everything your hair needs.


As you can see, there are many answers to the question of how to growhair faster.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell which, if any, will work for you – everyone is different.

The best way is simply to try a combination, and to always look after your hair and body.

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