How To Find Help With Depression

Finding help with depression through counseling and support groups can go a long way for people who suffer from this condition. Depression can attack men and women, children and older adults in different ways.

It may be easier to detect the problem in children as compared to older adults; however, it is more common in women than in men.

In teens, it may be hard to detect the signs of depression right away because they are good in hiding their emotions.

Instead of appearing sad, down and blue like any normal depressed person would, irritability is what you will most likely see in a depressed adolescent.

Your teenager may be grumpy, hostile and he may easily lose his temper.

Similar to depression symptoms in children, they may experience unexplained pains and aches. Untreated depression in teens can also lead to serious problems in school and at home.

Your teen may even succumb to drug or alcohol abuse, homicidal abuse and suicide. Providing him with the proper help with depression should be your utmost priority.

Adults have a way of also masking their depression. Most depressed adults will still attempt to do normal routines and activities. However, the longer they try to hide it, the more the condition seems to be growing on them.

The usual causes of depression for older adults include health problems, loss of independence and bereavement. Those who don’t have a strong support system become particularly vulnerable.

When they feel they can no longer handle things anymore, they resort to suicide. The most popular choices would be through hanging, poisoning and shooting themselves with a revolver. Keep in mind that depression is not associated with aging.

Men don’t typically ask for help with depression. For them, feeling depressed is a sign of weakness. Due to this, they refuse to acknowledge feelings of hopelessness and self-loathing.

They will never complain about their sadness but they will complain about sleeping problems, fatigue and more. They may portray other signs and symptoms like violence, aggression, reckless behavior, substance abuse and anger.

For women, much of the depression is a result of hormonal factors. This includes PMDD or premenstrual dysphoric disorder and PMS premenstrual syndrome as well as perimenopausal depression and postpartum depression. Excessive sleeping, gaining weight and over eating are also noted as signs of depression in women.

Finding expert help with depression is a must. Though psychotherapy is commonly used in treating the condition, severe cases as well as bipolar depression may include the use of medications. To be clear, antidepressants are not the cure for depression; they are used to help control certain symptoms.

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