How To Cure Kennel Cough: Home Remedies

When an illness hits your home the first thing that you do is look for a way to treat the problem yourself. This can be done for many different reasons but the most common reasons for the home treatment are for the cost savings and for the convenience factor. The reality is that it is expensive to visit a doctor and it can take several hours for the visit to conclude. This makes home remedies a very appealing thing. When it comes to your dog you typically react the same way. Because most people have a very close relationship with their pet, many dog owners will quickly treat their pups in an effort to reduce their discomfort. One of the most common illnesses that a dog can contract is called Bordetella. If you are looking for a home remedy to cure kennel cough, the following information will be very beneficial to you and your dog.

To better understand the illness itself, lets take a moment to dissect the disease. Kennel cough is most common in an animal shelter or in some type of kennel that houses large numbers of dogs. In close proximity it becomes much easier for the dogs to spread illnesses. This is a bacterial infection that attacks the respiratory system of the dog by reducing the amount of mucus that lines the airways. In extreme cases the mucus is completely removed and the animal begins to develop very serious symptoms. If your dog has a nagging cough, a runny nose, a white discharge from the mouth, or if your dog has weepy eyes, there is a good chance that your pup has contracted this illness. If your dog is an outside dog that has been exposed to cooler temperatures then it is almost certain that your dog has kennel cough. The following products can be used to treat your dog at home. Many of these items will be located at your local homeopathic/natural supplements store.

The first thing that you could try is called nosode. Nosodes are natural remedies that have been extracted in a pathological setting. This particular remedy is known to stimulate the immune system. This is a great way to help your dog fight off an infection. Another way to treat kennel cough is with vitamin C and E. We have all heard about the health benefits associated with these vitamins. Many people will use them to boost their immune system and to help fight of illnesses such as a cold. These pills will work great for your dog as well.

A common herbal supplement that you might not be familiar with is called Oregano oil. While you may be familiar with the Oregano herb itself, the oil is not as common. However this oil is a great herbal supplement that can greatly benefit your dog. Oregano oil is an all-natural product that will not only fight bacteria, but it also fights off fungus. Perhaps the best home remedy for kennel cough is raw honey. As with most areas in the medical field, honey is a great medicine. It contains the elements most common to your particular environment, which help isolate any infections in the body.

How to cure kennel cough – home remedies are a great way to treat your sick pet and economical too! Research kennel cough at my site to learn how to prevent, manage, and treat kennel cough.