How To Control Your Sweet Tooth

If you can commit to eating well for a fixed amount of time, you can actually be on your way to a better you. The key to ultimate weight lossis to kick those stubborn little urges to curb. Nobody likes a nag, but somehow, the sweets hidden in your pantry keep calling your name.

You feel like you have to give in if you want them to shush. A craving, after all, is like a little devil that constantly encourages you to indulge. And dieting only turns up the pressure.

If you start restricting the calories, the more likely you are to give in. And you know that if you keep bending to temptation, your clothes won’t eventually hug your body as well, and this could be your personal hell.

The good news is that these unhealthy tormentors can be fended off. Cravings are all about your blood sugar, and if your levels stay consistent throughout the day, your eating patterns will follow as well.

It’s when you starve yourself for hours at a time that the cravings call. Your blood sugar can fall too low after just a few hours of not eating. So, you search the fridge, the pantry, and even the mall for simple carbohydrates that give you a quick boost.

Trouble is that the resulting blood sugar spike triggers your pancreas to release insulin, a hormone that not only lowers blood sugar but also signals your body to run through the craving cycle over and over again.

This reinforces the binge because the crash makes you crave for sugar and starch once more. In other words, giving in to eating carbs only leaves you eventually wanting for more.

One reason most diets fail is that long-term goals can be deceptively difficult. When the plan is to watch what you eat for the next several months, chugging one big creamy shake seems like a minor slip.

To avoid that mind frame, commit to only a fixed amount of time that you’re full confident you can manage. Once you make it to your goal date, rest for only a bit and then start over.

This establishes the notion that you can be successful and gives you a chance to notice that eating better makes you feel better, reinforcing your desire to continue.

If the main purpose of your diet is purely aesthetic, you’re unlikely to stick with it for the long haul. The solution would be to arm yourself with additional motivators.

Keep a daily journal in which you monitor migraines, heartburn, acne, and other problems. Discovering that your new diet improves the quality of your life and health is powerful.

Okay, so what if you overindulged one afternoon? The next step would be to simply forget about it.

One meal doesn’t define your diet, so don’t immediately assume you’ve fallen off the wagon and just quit for the time being. Follow at least one cheat meal with five healthy ones.

This means that you’ll be eating right for most of the time, and that would mean a world of difference.

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