How do Allergies Affect the Immune System?

The effect of allergies on the immune system is partially related to the strength of one’s immune system.

A weakened immune system will definitely cause someone to show more severe signs of allergies.

People who have allergies are known to have an immune system that will react to pretty much anything that body is exposed to.

The underlining fact is that you should be able to build up a proper immune system if you want to lessen the effect of allergies on your body.

Some of the common allergic reactions come as a result of food, asthma, grass, pollen and even kittens in some cases. The severity of the allergic reactions will depend on the type of allergy one has.

Food allergies are known to be very dangerous at times, as it could potentially harm your body from the internal organs. Some people completely avoid special types of food, like peanuts, because it causes a very discomfort feeling and will cause skin problems. If the extent of the allergy is high enough, it could potentially lead to death.

If you eat something that you are allergic to, it will cause swelling of the throat and it could block airways in the body. In such cases, it is crucial that you seek medical attention right away. Going to the nearest emergency room would be the best thing to do.

The treatments used in curing allergies or allergic reactions are meant to effect the immune system. By decreasing the effect on the immune system, your body will be able to better cope with the reactions.

Allergists use a number of proven tests to see what it is that you are allergic to. A common test would be to take a blood sample as well as a skin sample. These extracts go under testing and it allows medical professionals to come to a positive conclusion.

When allergens get into contact with your body, it is your immune system that gets the hit first. Your immune system is what fights off unwanted germs and bacteria. If you have a bad protection system against unwanted enemies, you will definitely loose the battle.

With a low resistant immune system, your body will not be able to stop the allergens from causing any allergic reactions. Allergy medications go into your body and create a protective shield for your immune system. This shield will stop the allergens from causing any notable reactions on your body.

As you see, OTC allergy medications don’t necessarily cure the allergy, but rather, lessens its effect on your body. Allergies could come as a result of genes, which result from your parents.

If your parents had allergies, there is a slight chance that it could affect you. Similarly, if you have allergies, this could also translate to your children. The only thing you can do is take the proper medications for allergies and stay healthy.