Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia

With all of the potential dangerous side effects of prescription sleep aids, homeopathic remedies for insomnia just seem like a very good option. Insomnia can be highly destructive to one’s life. The constant state of fatigue and the inability to sleep well can lead to additional health problems.

Insomnia comes in many forms, and its symptoms can be displayed in different ways. Often you have to match up the homeopathic remedies for insomnia with the symptoms that are most commonly displayed in order to get the best relief possible.

Some insomnia comes with a sense of panic. This panic can suddenly become apparent during the pre-sleep stage, just when you’re about ready to drift off. The panic can also come in the first stages of sleep, suddenly awakening you with an urgency that is uncommon. For this type of panic based insomnia, the homeopathic remedy most often recommended is Acontium Apellus.

Arscenicum Album is a good homeopathic remedy for insomnia if the inability to fall asleep is exacerbated by a compulsion. Whether the compulsion is to get up numerous times to check that the door is locked or the inability to drift off to sleep if there is something in the home that is out of place, this remedy can help the mind relax and allow sleep to come.

Sometimes aches and pain that have no real explanation can keep us awake. In children we tend to call these aches “growing pains.” In adults, we often refer to it as stiffness. In order to help alleviate these mild but annoying symptoms and head toward sleep, the remedy known as Calcarea Phosphorica is definitely recommended.

When you hit the wall of being too tired to fall asleep, the only thing you want is relief and rest. However, with long term sleep interruption, a lot of traveling through many time zones, or even illness that prevents solid sleep you’ll find that the homeopathic remedy most recommended is Cocculus.

Coffea Cruda is the natural sleep remedy for too much thinking. When we just can’t shut off our minds or we tend to lay in bed for hours trying to redirect our thoughts, the activity in our brains prevents sleep. Sometimes these thoughts can be provoked from happiness or excitement. At other times we are worried or are trying to figure out a solution to all of our problems before sleep can come. A very common type of sleep disorder, this degree of insomnia tends to be one of the most disruptive.

Homeopathic remedies for insomnia can offer you a safe alternative to sleep aids. While technically you can become dependant upon anything from finger sucking to rubbing the feet together to herbal tea remedies to fall asleep, the risk of addiction is not there. Safe and significant sleep is imperative to one’s health. Ignoring the problem is likely to make it worse, not better. Gentle homeopathic remedies are also not going to leave you feeling drugged in the morning like sleep aids can. A restful night sleep without the same side effects of drugs can be more than just physically comforting.