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Yellow jackets can look like the common honey bee minus the fuzz. Unlike the honey bee which uses their stingers as a last resort, the yellow jacket can sting even without provocation.

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Home Orchard Fruit trees have been grown in home orchards for centuries. The goal of many gardeners today is to have fresh fruit from their own trees with a minimum of spraying. includes yellow jackets and bald faced hornets.)

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Index………………….……1 Some Home Remedies……..…….5 From the President……….2 or. yellow jackets get in your home and you-can't rind the insecticide, try a spray of Formula 409. Insects drop to the ground instantly

Identification of the pest and an understanding of the effective remedies and proper timing of chemical areas around the home will have the biggest influence on the problems spiders, and yellow jackets. Holes can be plugged with caulk, cement, urethane expandable foam, steel wool

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Home Remedies If you are brave and not afraid of wasp stingers you can try one of the following home remedies for effective wasp removal. Wasp Nests, Yellow Jackets, Bees, etc. contact us at Wasp Wand. We manufacture a tool that will make your job much easier and MUCH MUCH more safe.

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Yellow jackets are sometimes mistakenly called "bees" or more often "meat bees," as they are similar in size and appearance and both sting, but they are actually wasps.