Home Remedies Viral Throat Infection

Viral Sore Throat What is viral sore throat? A viral sore throat is an infection of the throat caused by a virus. Most viral infections last from several days to 2 weeks. Mononucleosis may last longer. How can I take care of myself?

HOME REMEDIES FOR STREP THROAT PAIN "Home remedies for strep throat pain another effective remedy to end you problem in a day are mango bark." Should your cause is just a viral infection, antibiotics don't work. Willow Bark:

Treatment Strategies At the first sign of winter respiratory problems, there are several products you can take on your own to minimize the seriousness of an infection,

Strep throat and most pneumonias, 'sinus soother,' 'throat comfort,' etc.), or home-made (example: These can occur on the heels of a viral infection. Watch for a high fever that appears suddenly, when you thought you were getting better.