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Viruses mainly affect the ear, sinuses and upper respiratory tract. 75 – 80% infections are Viral. Fungus: Homeopathic approach to infections: Homeopathic remedies have shown a noteworthy outcome in healing people from numerous common and serious infectious diseases.

Natural Help for Viral Infection Viral Infections What is a Viral Infection? A virus is a tiny organism that causes an infection in the body. Viruses are

Natural Help for Viral Infection in Pets veterinarian may recommend some tests before making an accurate diagnosis. Help for Viral Infection Treatment of viral infections depends entirely on the virus diagnosed and the

Over-the-Counter & Home Care Treatment for Viral Infections Symptoms Home Remedies Over-the-Counter Generic Name & Brand Name Examples Fever, Aches • Cool compress Analgesics and Pain • Bed rest • Acetaminophen