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Your feet, it’s the dampness on the damp ground. like you put Vicks salve on your chest later on down the line when we got older and I was raising my children. Floyd Nelson; home remedies; sassafras tea; kerosene; Diboll; Texas

ONYCHOMYCOSIS (Tinea Unguium) WHAT IS IT? HOME REMEDIES If you have a mild infection, starting with a home treatment may be helpful. The following home Vicks VapoRub Salve: Apply this to the nail and under the nail edge twice a day.

Home Made Flea Spray Spray on feet, legs, belly and "private parts" where fleas and ticks love to go. This also make a great grooming spray when you are finishing your grooming. It makes the coat shine (like Vicks Vapor Rub) on any surface that you cannot remove from chew level

Cultural Diversity in Healthcare I Course Principles of Health Science Unit XVI Cultural home remedies, or other treatments they have used that were thought to help treat Vicks on chest or in nostrils; hot milk with butter, soups, honey, hot toddies,