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Cough and Cold in Children Under 6 Tired from your crying children with colds? humidifiers release cool moisture whereas vaporizers . What are some home remedies?6 Comfort your child—giving your child attention may calm

Home remedies will not treat sinusitis, but some things can be done to minimize pain and discomfort. The use of warm steam from facial vaporizers or a bowl of hot water can also help. Warm compresses applied over inflamed sinus areas have been reported to reduce pain

Indian Tree Chiropractic, P.C. Dr. Ken Spresser, D.C. (303) 425-9057 Head Colds Don’t use them unless you are comfortable after home remedies. (Vaporizers need to be cleaned every so often so they don’t collect mold, etc.)

Humidifiers and vaporizers, are appropriate. 4. advised to stay home. Humidification also is an important strategy to prevent flu. Use of codeine- and dextromethorphan-containing cough remedies in children. Pediatrics 1997;99:918-920. 17.