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Vicks VapoRub is not appropriate in every situation. According to one home health nurse, “When I heard about Vicks VapoRub for toenail fungus, I began telling my patients about it. They began using it on their very thick accumulation of hardened fungus.

Here are some home remedies that have been passed down. They are not scientifically but rather mother researched. M Household Item Recipe Healing Action Garlic juice/vapor rub Mix together into paste. Place on Aids in relieving congestion square of flannel.

Cure nail fungus with vapor rub. Soothe eczema by using oatmeal. Cure bad breath by eating yogurt. There are a lot of home remedies that would help you get rid of these illnesses without taking any over-the counter drugs. HOME REMEDY QUIZ

Q: I have heard that Vicks VapoRub can be helpful in curing toenail fungus. This sounds bizarre! Is there any truth to this? A: Many people with nail fungus say that applying Vicks VapoRub seems