Home Remedies Using Vicks Vapor Rub

GRKO 14157 Vicks Vapor Rub Lists home remedies and what they were used for. Moseman, C.M., Moseman's Illustrated Catalog of House Furnishing Goods; an unabridged re-publication of the fifth edition, 1987 (SI285.4.C23 Grant Kohr's Ranch) General Publishing Co.

The Screening Head to Toe Examination uses the techniques listed in this checklist. Using one standard is the only way to insure a standardized examination for all students, and also assures us that students know at least one correct way to perform each and every maneuver.

Especially those who live in the less developed areas, use herbal remedies and other folk treatment, such COMMON HOME REMEDY Tea cramps, bilis, empacho + purge – – Eucalipto Eucalyptus (Vicks Vapor Rub) Coryza, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis + respiratory Sx; 0 TB

_Chest Vapor Rub (like Vicks) 2.05 _ Cough Drops, Halls K 2.55 _ Chlorpheniramine Allergy Tabs 1.10 _ Loratadine Allergy Tabs (like Ctarilin) 2.25 _ Saline Nasal Spray 1.65 _ Lactaid Caplets, 60 ct. 11.00 _ Tolnaftate Antifungal Cream 1% 1.70 Clotrimazole