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There are several "home remedies" that work. tomato juice!! Home Remedy #1 Use distilled vinegar to sponge the area that is sprayed to "neutralize the odor". Then use dawn dish soap to "cut through the oil" (skunk spray is a very oily foam (and so will your dog!). Home Remedy #2

Successful Urine Decontamination, Odor and Stain Removal 6 D. EYES. Of course, a yellow stain on the carpet is a good visual indication of urine

Trating lawn problem comes from dog urine and feces. Small amounts may produce a green-up or stances are most likely to have a taste or odor that dogs. TM-11 Dogs and Lawns CTAHR — Feb but these will not prevent urine damage. Several other home remedies have been passed along,

Moving to a new home Getting a new cat or dog A new baby or family member New furniture or rearranging the odor is similar to urine. The smell may encourage the cat to spray on the same spot Consider a consultation with a behavior specialist in your home.

Marketplace claiming to remove urine and fecal odors from carpets and furniture, somearea. You have to make sure that you dog or cat are really not

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. Other effective but less potent remedies include taking bilberry, liver and kidney cleanses, urine soaks, staring at the sun(with

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More difficult to clean thoroughly. Bacteria can remain and cause the dog to become ill. Food odours can remain on the plastic for longer, if you have a fussy dog, the

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