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Home Remedies 101 a sore throat born out of a viral infection (such as colds and flu) and a bacterial infection. sore throat incidences. Home Remedies 101 lists numerous inexpensive ways of treating the common sore throat.

Acute rhionitis infection – bright red & swollen. Normal findings. Located in midline of face. Streptococcal pharyngitis and acute tonsillitis. Bright red pharynx with red, swollen tonsils, Throat, Nose, and Sinus Assessment

Frequent sore throats from tonsillitis suggest the infection is not fully eliminated between episodes. The most dangerous throat infection is epiglottitis, caused by bacteria that infect a portion of the larynx (voice box)

Natural Antibiotics that Fight Infection It will help your sore throat, swollen glands, tonsillitis, bronchitis and mouth sores. Most of us choose to combine modern medicine with a home remedies. You can detox and further heal your body