Home Remedies to Help Control Acne

Acne is a problem experienced by millions of teenagers. There are also many adults that have this problem. It is still unknown what exactly causes acne. Many experts believe that hormones, diet and stress are the root causes with hormones being the likeliest suspect. Most people that experience problems are teenagers, when they are undergoing most of the hormonal changes that will occur during their lifetime.

There are many companies that market expensive products designed to help control, or get rid of acne. Many of these products simply do not work for everyone. But, there are several remedies that people can use at home that may help alleviate this problem and save them some money.

To begin with, drinking eight glasses of water every day is a must. This may be the most important home remedy available for controlling acne. While sodas, coffee, and tea all contain water, there is no substitute for drinking pure water. Drinking plenty of water has many healthy benefits. For controlling acne, water will flush the toxins from the body that contribute to breakouts.

Toothpaste is another home remedy that has been used for years. Regular toothpaste should be used and the gel type should be avoided. Toothpaste will reduce the inflammation of the pimples themselves. Apply the toothpaste just before going to bed and leave overnight. Use a bandage if there’s a chance that the toothpaste will rub off during sleep.

A mixture of warm water and salt can be applied to the face twice daily to cleanse the pores and remove the oily build-up that causes acne. This will reduce the chances of pimples developing.

Another home remedy used to control acne is using lemon juice along with tea tree oil. The lemon juice removes excess oil from the skin while the tea tree oil, which contains menthol, opens the pores and moisturizes the skin.

Most experts agree that squeezing the pimple to release the fluid should be avoided. This can cause a variety of problems including scarring, spreading of the breakout, and may leave scabs if the pimple bleeds after draining.

Using all of these home remedies to help control acne might not prove helpful for everyone. Individuals will vary and each of these methods can be experimented with in order to see which is best for any one person. Many will find that expensive medications can be avoided entirely. If the acne problem is worse than normal, a dermatologist should be consulted for expert guidance.