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Useful At-Home Remedies. Colds, Flu, Allergies and Seasonal Immune Support. Yin Qiao Menstrual cramps, Menopausal Symptoms (including hot flashes and night sweats), Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Restless Leg Syndrome, Heart Health, and Digestion.

That is why a variety of Homeopathic remedies are being used to help during this transition. Wearing cotton clothing for night sweats. Home Computer Other titles: HOMEOPATHY AND MENOPAUSE

Lifestyle and home remedies Stopping smoking and losing excess weight can help curb hot flashes. Being physically active for at least 30 minutes a day also may help by reducing stress and improving sleep. When hot flashes or night sweats interfere with your nor-

About home remedies for excessive sweating, here are some of them.Are you one of those people that after There is nothing more irritating than to feel your sweats coming out profusely all over your body even in a cool day. Well,