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PREVENTION AND HOME TREATMENT FOR COLDS AND FLU: Once you have the remedies, you must know which one to use, and when. If and will irritate the stomach and Liver. Cayenne and other peppers, fatty meats and soups, nuts, nut butters,

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Home care: • Increase your Liquid is better if you can stomach it-otherwise pills will do. Take the dosage indicated on the bottle 4 x a day when you are sick and 1 x a day to prevent getting ill. Do not take continuously. Homeopathic remedies for Flu

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Remedies 4 Colds and Flu irregular heart beat, cold sweats, tremors of the hand, dizziness, butterflies in the stomach, nausea, diarrhea, and hyperventilation.

Acid Stomach Natural Remedy
Acid Stomach Natural Remedy Excess stomach acid or acid reflux disease sufferers are driven to find relief by trying every treatment from over the counter medication to indulging in common myth treatments that worsen

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Home remedy for stomach flu orient to give relief to the patient from the stomach related problems. Invariably due to the pathogenesis, patient will be in tired conditions and will be in need of supplementing fluids.

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Need a home remedy for stomach flu? We have several herbal remedies that you may wish to try plus other tips and advice. The stomach flu or viral gastroenteritis is caused by the exposure to a particular virus.

VIRAL GASTROENTERITIS (OR “STOMACH FLU”) CAUSED BY NOROVIRUS: Controlling Transmission in Licensed Residential Community Care Facilities (2006) • Request staff members to remain at home for at least 48-72 hours after their symptoms subside.

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Consumption of greasy food items should be avoided to deal with the problem of stomach virus. Some of the effective home remedies to cure stomach virus are mentioned below.

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Ways to prevent, prepare for, and lessen the symptoms of viral gastroenteritis, otherwise known as the stomach flu.

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• Herbal teas, especially the ones prepared from blackberry root are regarded as excellent herbal home remedies for Gastroenteritis or stomach flu treatment. Home Remedies For Stomach Flu; Home Remedies For Diarrhoea; Home Remedies For Food Poisoning;

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Two women with coffee cups healthy living What to Do About Colds and Flu in Adults Home remedies can help ease your symptoms For general relief • Get extra rest.

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Food poisoning is also known as botulism. Ginger tea, fennel seeds, mint tea, caraway seeds are some of home remedies for food poisoning and stomach flu.

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Stomach Flu Treatment. Since, diarrhea is a common symptom associated with stomach flu, the patient should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.