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Cross infection- tuberculosis, staph infection from unwashed hands, flu. Co-infection- HIV and pneumonia, It is 4mm long and produces red welts on skin. Pathogenic OrganismsVirus. Examples: polio, influenza, common cold, HIV, Hepatitis B, mumps, herpes. Bacteriophage (virus that infects

This can occur when spores enter your body through a break in the skin. Half of the cases in the 2001 pneumonia can be treated at home. It often clears up in 2 to 3 weeks. What causes pneumonia? bacterial infection and can rapidly affect several different organ systems, including the

infection (PPD skin test). If infection is present, • HCW with draining skin lesions due to staph or strep (impetigo) may be treated with antibiotics until lesions heal. d. NURSING HOME INFECTION CONTROL STANDARD OF CARE

Antibiotics for Common Pediatric Infections Her last ear infection was ~6 months ago. On exam, her Staph aureus (likely MRSA in Chicago) First line therapy: Although keflex is often used in other parts of the country to treat