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Knee Swelling Wrap the knee in a castor oil cloth overnight. Sprained Ankle Rub with castor oil, or use castor oil packs. For Other Edgar Cayce Remedies, Visit www.edgarcayce.org . Author: West Created Date:

Ankle Sprains Description: Ankle sprains are very common injuries, usually the result of the foot turning in. They are often immediately and severely painful and incapacitating.

Home Care Use pillows to raise the knee that was operated on, higher than y our heart. Put ice on your knee for 20 minutes, 5 times a day, if told to do so by your doctor.

Sprained Ankle Introduction A sprain occurs when a ligament connecting bones or cartilage is ruptured or torn. Mild sprains may be treated at home by following the “RICE” procedure. Rest: It is important to stay off the ankle as much as possible to allow it to heal.

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“home” remedies and are still in pain — particularly in conjunction with other symptoms like incontinence, numbness, or weakness — see a physician. OAD’s knee and sports medicine specialists — Drs. David Chang, Matthew Gimre,

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Signs and Symptoms A Keep the ankle above the heart when resting at home. Taking time to let your sprained ankle heal will help prevent further pain and injury. You can walk on the ankle as soon as it feels comfortable.