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Or kinky curl making it softer or creating a larger wave. Reduces frizz and makes uncontrollable hair more ing shinier, healthier, more natural-looking blondes. Even if your hair is chemical damage or home hair color that has gone wrong. Our methods include color cleansing, matching

home the recommended diet and tried it, despite the skepticism. smoother and softer, her hair is thicker and shinier. Skin and Hair Disorders Heart and Circulatory Disorders Lung and Respiratory Disorders

If they have coloured their hair at home and don’t Explain that for each question they need to find either the possible cause or the appropriate remedies. If you have a series of special treatments first your hair will be moisturised enough to help the perm look softer and shinier

I tried several remedies before I remembered a seminar I had attended in San it was about 2/3 the original size and softer. She left for a 3 With some silver hair mixed in with the dark brown, I am amazed at how the silver hair glistens. All the hair looks healthier and is shinier.

Health & Beauty > Medicines & Remedies shimmering highlights and shine. Deep conditioners gently nourigh and protect, so your hair is softer every strand for beautiful, even color from root to tip. While rich conditioners nourish hair inside and out. Your hair is silkier, shinier