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240 CHAPTER 4 • BEDBUGS, FLEAS, LICE, TICKS AND MITES Total release fogger This device is similar to the aerosol spray can but is designed to release the total

Bed Bug Bites and the Bites of Other Arthropods • Bird and rodent mites – Associated with birds, rats and mice nesting in or on the building. are not a pest management issue, and do not require treatment of a room or home,

Are mites such as scabies (human itch) mites, chigger mites, infested rats have been removed from a building. Al- ers, salves, or unconventional home remedies such as mayonnaise, petroleum jelly, gasoline, or other materi-

Opossums, rats and other rodents). Mites, like ticks, are not insects but are members of the spider family, in the class Arachnida. Home remedies usually don’t work, and prescription medicines can have side effects, so use