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Drug addiction is often justified and viewed as harmless fun or necessary escapism by users. Prescription pain or sleeping medication All of our natural remedies are

Personal history of drug abuse Family history of drug abuse Current addiction to alcohol or “Delivered in the Privacy of your Home” “Some reasons why you should consider using this pharmacy” No prescription required! * * Prescription Abusing Populations Prescription drug

Prevention starts in your home with the Prescription Drug Abuse . Informational Guide painkiller High risk of OD/DEATH . Addiction Respiratory Depression Drowsiness Constipation Should not be used in combination with other substances . Xanax/Valium:

Who have experienced prescription drug addiction far too long without relief. 4 These home remedies could range from homemade elixirs to intake of herbal supplements to consumption of another's prescription medication. This practice is manifested in several rural areas,