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A reaction develops when the skin comes in contact with an irritating chemical present in the plant. If there is skin trauma from spines or hairy appendages on the plant, Pineapple Ananas comosus Yes No No No Yes No

FOOD ALLERGY Page 1 INTRODUCTION The patient plays a key role in the management and identification of food allergies. We cannot follow you home and monitor what you eat. Alcoholic Beverages Coffee Pineapple Apple Corn Pork/Ham Banana Egg Potato Beans

Peaches Pineapple . Pears Prunes . Raisins Raspberries . Rhubarb . Drinks . Alcoholic beverages Various food items and drinks can aggravate nickel dermatitis even though the nickel content of these foods may be low. diet strictly when eating at home,

Allergy, Asthma Immunology Center Fax #: (518) 452-2683 ALBANY MEDICAL CENTER Date: MR# RE77 Budgerigar Droppings RT16 White Pine RF18 Brazil Nut RF210 Pineapple RE79 Budgerigar Serum Proteins RT201* Spruce RF20 Almond RF212* Mushroom- Champignon