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Can do if a MRSA infection is present: Use antibiotics only as directed by a healthcare provider Keep wounds clean and bandaged until healed Lysol®, Original Pine-Sol®, or similar disinfectants). WhatYou S h o uldKn o w Methicillin-Resistant

Homemade Weed Killer – using Dawn and Vinegar:::: 1 Gal of White Vinegar + 1 C. Table Salt + 1 Tbsp of liquid Dawn Dish Soap Or, if you have Pine Sol around your house, you can do this number:::: Equal amounts of Dawn Dish Soap + Pine Sol = Mixed into a spray bottle.

Pine-sol (pine oils and terpenes) Lysol (alcohols) Countertop and bathroom cleaners many home remedies. rapidly absorbed from skin, GI and lung. irritant. mild aspiration hazard. clinical signs referable to irritating properties, cardio- and Toxicity related to the chemical and physical

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