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Touch poison ivy, pine tree sap, soap or detergents, you get a skin rash Allergic reactions are caused by contact with an allergen. Some common allergens include: Allergies WHAT TO DO WHAT NOT TO DO TELL THE DOCTOR EMERGENCY DOCUMENT

Sapsucker damage is recognized by neatly spaced Sapsuckers use their tongues to lap up sap from the susceptible to secondary diseases and insects.

The Myth of Wound Dressings: "Apply wound dressing after pruning to insure against insect or fungal invasion" The Myth Although Shigo debunked the myth of wound dressing decades ago, it still persists, particularly among those with something to sell.

A distinctive trait for many communities in Central and Eastern Oregon are their ponderosa pine trees (Pinus ponderosa var. scopulorum). Native to the area (Photo 1), this tree species can