Home Remedies Not Get Sick

5 steps to take if you get the flu Stay at home and rest. Avoid close contact with well people in your house so you won’t make them sick. The Flu: Caring for Someone Sick At Home Author: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Someone at Home has the Flu Follow us on: facebook.com/nysdoh twitter.com/healthnygov youtube.com/nysdoh Please, keep your germs especially if someone in your household is sick with the flu. Recognize Flu Symptoms Watch for these symptoms: • Fever, chills • Cough • Sore throat

Many hospitalized calves are sick, not from scours, but from salt poisoning resulting from the addi-tion of extra salt or bicarbonate to an electrolyte fluid or cases and get veterinary help while the calf can still be saved. Antibiotics are designed to inhibit or kill bacteria,

Treating a Cold or the Flu while Breastfeeding What remedies or medications are okay to use? Is it okay to breastfeed when I have a cold or the flu? Yes. So your baby is more likely to get sick if you do not breastfeed.