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Nodulocystic acne of the face and back It is true that all the diseases of the follicular occlusion converted by Web2PDFConvert.com. Figure 4 had nodules of hidradenitis around his ears and on his neck but his cheek appeared almost acne free. In conclusion, histology

Coryza, conjunctivitis with clear discharge and photophobia Koplik spots Rash begins on the face and spreads to trunk and extremities benign condition Sharply demarcated reddish to violaceous plaques or nodules Etiology uncertain Onset first few days- weeks of life Cheeks, back

• Mucous membranes :nodules, plaques, pale-yellow and thickened •Cutaneous lesions (face, neck, scalp) , oral lesions, no visceral involvement

Inflammatory lesions with nodules and presence of scars at face or trunk. A detailed questionnaire containing information about aggravating factors, sources of home remedies, face wash/scrubs, Dermovate®, Safi®, bleach creams®, sunblock lotions®,