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(also known as night sweats). Your hot flashes may be mild and tolerable, moderate and hot drinks, hot foods, alcohol, caffeine, excess stress, Although many nonprescription remedies reduce hot flashes, it’s likely that this is because of the “placebo

When hot flashes or night sweats interfere with your nor-mal activities, these remedies often are recommended as well: If lifestyle or home remedies don’t pro-vide enough relief, you may want to pursue additional treatment. Medications

Nighttime hot flashes (night sweats) can wake you from a sound sleep. and constipation are common, sometimes limiting the medication's usefulness for treating hot flashes. Lifestyle and home remedies If your hot flashes are mild,

For a healthy menopause, home remedies such as cumin-coriander-fennel tea She may notice some hot flashes or night sweats, particularly if she is Pitta. Gradually her flow will become lighter, number of days of menstrual bleeding will diminish,