Home Remedies Newborn Jaundice

Appearance in a newborn (≤72 hours old) of one of the following symptom complexes: Disseminated disease, involving the liver and multiple other organs, which frequently includes encephalitis, and, in approximately 80% of cases, vesicular

Protection, practicing home remedies for neonatal illnesses, also lead to delays in seeking appropriate jaundice, diarrhoea and vomiting as newborn danger signs respectively. Only 5 (2.5%), 19(9.5%) and 5 (2.5%) caregivers recognized bleeding from cord, low

• Home remedies – Acidophilus – Diluted Chamomile tea PostPartumValloneMurphyDICCP – Breast milk jaundice can be caused either by enzymes in mom's milk that mother and the newborn • Dispels gas and treat colic. • Fenugreek

Hypothyroidism in a newborn include: eeding problems F gy (Lack of energy) Lethar Jaundice (Yellowing of skin or whites of eyes) Constipation ger protruding tongue Lar tled skin Cold mot Sluggish reflexes