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THE PARABLE OF THE MUSTARD SEED Matthew 13:31, 32 I. INTRODUCTION A. Quite a few people these days are becoming aware that something is wrong in home-indian remedies for sickness. One was a mustard pack that was put on when there was a

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Removing Skunk Odor Stephen M. Vantassel, Project Coordinator — Wildlife Damage Scott E. Hygnstrom, using commercial products or home remedies. General Background Skunks are famous for their odorous defensive spray, deployed against perceived threats such as people, pets, and

With their own home-woven "linsey-woolsey," a coarse cloth of mixed linen and wool, chest cold was to rub the chest with goose grease and apply a mustard plaster. Some frontier remedies were based more on superstition than science.

Cultural Diversity in Healthcare I Course Principles of Health Science Unit XVI Cultural home remedies, hot mustard plaster 7) Sty – cold tea-leaf compresses 8) Fever – mix whiskey,

1907 Home Cures Self portrait in pencil by Dr. Nicholas Schumacher, Hettinger physician 1907 Granny Remedies If you were living in the early The makings for a mustard plaster could be purchased at the drug store. This box

Remedies – Part 1 Roby Angelina Sherman, M.D. figs and lay [it] for a plaster upon the boil, and he shall recover.” Isaiah 38:21 KJV “And Isaiah said, are put in a bath with a little mustard, relief will be obtained.” 2SM 297.7