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menses, poor concentration, arthritis, sore muscles, and more. While there are numerous home remedies (such as pau d’ arco tea, garlic, This is not intended to diagnose or treat a specific individual or disorder nor to

Please list any home remedies employed: Attention Deficit Disorder Arthritis Migraines Yes No Is your menses irregular? Yes No Are you trying to: Gain weight

Home phone _____ Work Phone _____ Cell Phone Age menses began _____ Age menses ended (if applicable)_____ Make checks payable to Acupuncture Remedies, P.C.. Full payment is expected at the time

_____Heavy bleeding during menses 19. _____Repeated colds and flu 20. _____Skin problems (itching, eczema, psoriasis, acne, or coarse, dry, scaly skin) 21. _____Do not perspire easily 22. _____Hoarse voice 23. _____Feeling of fullness in neck

disorder, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, separation anxiety disorder, • Substance, medication or medical condition • If ODD present, do not also diagnose it. the week prior to menses and quickly disappear with the onset of menses

Managing Abnormal Menses Caroline Hewitt, RNC, MSN, NP Director Clinical Education Cicatelli Associates Stages of life History Amenorrhea Ovarian Dysfunction Endocrine Disorder Evaluation Cultures/Labs Gertie Gertie Conclusion

Sonia comes in complaining of menses for 4 weeks. Her first period was 8 months ago and intervals have been irregular with menses lasting 5-7 (eating disorder, Female athletic triad) Decreased FSH/LH normal testosterone Ovarian Failure Increased LH/FSH normal testosterone

disorder –Genital outflow tract obstruction or anomaly Secondary Amenorrhea •Absence of menses for greater than three months in female with established menstruation . 4

MENSTRUAL DISORDERS Normal menstruation – Average age of menarche 12.88 for Caucasian girls, 12.16 for AA girls – Irregular menses is normal up to two years after menarche due to anovulatory cycles

, Suppression of the Menses, Hysteria, Locomotor Ataxia, Rickets, Hip Joint Disorders, Hunchback, Acquired Remedies and Recipes by

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